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My Final Letter….

October 16th 1793 Dear Marie Carolina, How are you? I feel like it’s been such a long time since we got to see each other, well it has been. How is the family? I hope that you do send them… Continue Reading →

Live life to the fullest…

October 15th 1793 Dear Marie Carolina, I’m afraid I won’t be writing to you much anymore. Ever again to be exact actually. I have to be careful while writing this, as I shouldn’t be, however one of the guards took… Continue Reading →

My Dearest Mother…

This is a letter written by Marie Antoinette, on the 14th of June, 1773, to her mother, describing her first official outing to Paris.   It starts with her saying how happy she was to have received her mother’s letters,… Continue Reading →

Ranges, Dynamics, and Exams – In Depth 2016

Okay, so not to freak any one out, but you really should be, cause IN DEPTH IS ONLY A MONTH AWAY (Well for those of you who are very technical, a month and 1 day)!!! I am constantly trying to… Continue Reading →

Life isn’t what I thought it would be like…

June 8, 1773 Dear Marie Carolina, Today I had my very first official appearance in Paris! It was very exciting, but there seem to be a few people who aren’t very happy with my marriage with Louis-Auguste. I would have… Continue Reading →

When you can’t meme…

DISCLAIMER: I have never made a meme, nor do I spend my time looking and/or making them. The following memes may just be completely terrible and cringe worthy, but I tried okay, don’t judge me. I never thought the day… Continue Reading →

Stances, Positioning, and Breathing- In Depth 2016

There is only 2 months left t ill In-Depth night and it is approaching very quickly. Spring break was a great time to kick back, relax, and “Netflix and chill” by myself; but it was also a really good opportunity… Continue Reading →

Kesha’s Legal Battle

My goal for this blog post, is to have a deeper critical analysis of Kesha’s legal battle with Sony and Dr.Luke, as well as looking at sexual assault in today’s society and what kind of impacts it has. On a… Continue Reading →

Storyboarding, Filming, and Editing- In Depth 2016

In Depth! Am I right? I have honeslty run out of creative ways to introduce my blog posts. Like I’ve done how many blog posts now? For Eminent twice, In Depth now twice, and other Socials and Leadership posts, and… Continue Reading →

Always, Always, is Safety – In Depth 2016

For this week, I had planned to have Operations and Mechanics, Theory, and Safety all done and checked off the list, which all together is just a big jumbled mush of knowledge. The reason I had decided to do all… Continue Reading →

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